The vineyard

The Taralas family with the distinctive title of the company “Taralas Estate” and the more than 10 privately owned hectares that they cultivate, produce wines of excellent quality.

This quality is due to the small and controlled production – about 7000 kg per hectare – in the way of cultivation, but also to the biological spraying operations, such as zeolite, dolomite and other minerals, as well as mixtures mainly of nettle and other wild and tame aromatics plants.

The privately owned organic vineyard of the Tarala family is 40 years old and is located in the foothills of eastern Vermio at an altitude of 300 meters, in an area where the soil and climatic conditions are particularly favorable for the production of high quality red wines.

The largest part of the vineyard is located in Polla Nera of Imathia, where the Xinomavro variety is grown and the rest in Fiteia of Imathia, where the white varieties of Malagouzia, Preknadi and Roditis are grown and the winery is also located. The fine quality of the wines produced by the estate is due to the small yield per hectare, while the cultivation is carried out in an organic way that respects people and environment.